Technology for the rest of us.

June 19, 2009 by · Comments Off on Technology for the rest of us.
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If you’ve gone to a Home Depot recently you will notice a couple of changes. First, an eager greeter at the entrance (reminiscent of Walmart) may hand you a flier along with a clever remark that makes you not only pay attention to him/her but you actually open the flier. Weird! Second, if you are browsing along the chainsaw aisle staring at the multiple HP machines in front of you someone with a friendly comment will actually offer help. What a concept! Customer service. Who thought of that? Apparently it takes a savvy business person like Marvin R. Ellison, Home Depot’s brand new CEO to come up with something like that. Back in May, Business Week ran an article highlighting the second largest retailer’s in the US new strategy .

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