meagainIf you wondered into this site you may be thinking: “whaaaat?” Well, these are a series of topics I enjoy and I like to read and learn about. It does not mean I am an expert in any of them but I do consider that I know enough to be entitled to an opinion.

Lately I have been interested in web publishing and what I like to call World 3.0. As geeky as it might sound, this site is an example of what I mean. It all started by my interest in learning html. Then I had to pick up css. My next steps were php and mySql. I even picked up the “Tech yourself” books from my local bookstore that are now collecting dust (the stores too). I discovered WordPress in the process and the laziness in me took over. Amazingly, though, in my travels through Blogger, Vox, hosted WordPress, etc., I found it fascinatingly easy to get context aware ads through adsense. I’m not ready to quit my day job, but it is amazing how straightforward it was and I’ve already made more money than trying to clean my basement on eBay.

In the blogosphere there are people interested in the content, people interested in the appearance, and people interested in how it all works. I am, of course the a member of latter group. I tried for several weekends the hard way and avoided WordPress’ help. I got my own domain, found a free hosting service and started typing away. The initial results were – how can I put it? – well, you can check out yourself here. So I succumbed to WP and this is the result. The only problem is that now I’d have to come up with content to justify my tremendous $10 / year expense.

I picked up a copy of “The Long Tail” by Chris Anderson. “indeed a 2005 study by Nature, the scientific journal,” – he wrote – “reported that in forty-two entries on science topics there were an average of four errors per entry in Wikipedia and three in Britannica. And shortly after the report came out, the Wikipedia entries were corrected, while Britannica had to wait for its next reprinting.” I figured that I had to be a part of that! In fact, Anderson sustains throughout his book that there is a new trend in publishing, whether is writing, music, or movie-making where people do it because they have something to share, not because they want to make money. That settled it. I will, from now on, blog.

I am a recovering technologist with a severe addiction to Travel channel and CNBC. I read quite a bit and I like to make notes -sometimes mental – about what I learn. I’m also a cyclist, runner, photography aficionado, foody and wine annoying person.  Like everybody else I like to write down thoughts that are triggered by my readings, my travels, and my daily life. So if building by blog was a learning tool, why not publish my notes in it? You never know, there might be another person interested in them.  Still waiting!

Expect to see posts on diverse topics from bicycle riding, business, travel, and arts, maybe some book notes, and other weird topics. There will be some posts that mention stocks or the financial markets, by no means they represent investment advice, they are only my humble thoughts. My promise to you: no politics, religion, or professional sports, the three main causes of violence in the world.


Not sure why anybody would be interested, but just in case you do care who I am:

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The (most) boring part:

Disclaimer: The post on this site represent my personal views and not necessarily those of my employer or any company or individual that I am, have been, will be, will think about being, may have thought about being, have been suggested to be, or may actually be associated with. Seriously, this are just my thought and nobody else’s.

This is the blogosphere, do you know where your children are?