Android’s ways to win over users

November 7, 2009 by · 4 Comments
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Android - Apple As well anticipated, and (may I even say) masterfully the Motorola Droid lunched yesterday. Besides its impressive spec it is really one of the first devices that can truly be considered smart, unfortunately it is mostly thanks to Google (author of the Android OS in which it is based) than Motorola, and the name Droid is really Verizon’s (it will launch in Europe with the lame – not a typo I did mean lame with an “l” – Milestone) . Other bloggers have said it falls short of a true “iPhone killer”. I don’t think it is really about that (in spite of the fact that it looks to be better than the iPhone – i happen to be an iPhone user myself- and on a better network – at least in the US). Of course, Motorola and others want to take away a piece of the Apple pie (I hate puns) but the Droid is really taking advantage of the growing pie. Smartphones is the only category of mobile devices that grew this year and it it expected (according to ABI Research) to triple by 2013 to (are you ready?) 650 million phones per year worldwide!! Thankfully in part to the variety in the marketplace. Each contender in this battle will appeal customers in a different way and their cultures are a clue to their methods and target markets.
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